The Children’s Center offers a 12-month Clinical Psychology Internship emphasizing training in children ages 2-12. The internship is characterized by a variety of clinical activities, supervision by a multidisciplinary faculty and a wide array of clinical offerings, seminars, and other educational experiences.

Where will training take place?

Through leadership and innovation, the Children’s Center strives to create a collaborative partnership with other departments within the LSU Health Shreveport system to address children’s complex mental health and behavioral needs. The main clinic is located within the School of Allied Health Professions, on the LSU Health Shreveport campus. Working relationships include the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, Communication Disorders, and the Master of Public Health Program. Outside agencies which the Children’s Center collaborate with include Caddo Parish Head Start, Webster Parish Head Start and Caddo Parish Juvenile Court.


Through leadership and innovation, we are addressing children’s complex mental health and behavioral needs.



This program is designed specifically for students admitted in a doctoral training program who have completed at least 4 years of full-time graduate study in clinical/counseling psychology, including practicum level experience in diagnostic assessment, various intervention modalities, and specific experience with children and families. Preference is given to students in APA-accredited doctoral programs in clinical and counseling psychology; applicants from school psychology programs with the requisite experience are also considered.


Interns receive a yearly stipend totaling $25,000.00 (base salary $25,000 + fringe benefits package) for all interns at Children’s Center. Interns receive 10 days of Paid Time Off (PTO) and eleven paid state holidays. Additional leave days may be negotiated for professional activities (e.g., dissertation-related work, presentations at meetings, postdoctoral fellowship and/or job interviews). Most approved time off is related to significant medical issues (COVID-19, pregnancy/delivery) or school related duties (defending dissertation). It should be noted that extended leave may jeopardize completion of the program in 12 months. The Program provides access to medical insurance for intern and some cost contribution by the intern is required.



Respect for diversity and values different from one’s own is a core value of the LSUHS Children’s Center Doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology program. Psychology interns within LSUHS provide services to a diverse patient population, often consisting of members of social groups different from their own. We believe that this training is enriched by our collective openness to learning about others who are different from ourselves, as well as striving for acceptance of others.

The internship prepares interns to navigate cultural and individual differences using both formal and informal strategies through:

  1. Training experiences with diverse populations
  2. Didactic training which includes diversity and culturally sensitive material and perspectives
  3. Individual and group supervision, which are ideal arenas to discuss any value conflicts or tensions that arise in treatment/training experiences.

All faculty and supervisors as well as interns are expected to work together to create training environments characterized by respect, trust, and safety. Faculty and interns are also expected to be supportive and respectful of all individuals, including patients, staff and peers, regardless of differences in background or worldviews.