The first post-graduate Wound Management Residency in the country.

This program began as its originators, Joseph McCulloch, Edward Mahoney, and Stanley McCallon, had numerous conversations about their perceived need for intensive post-graduate education in wound management for physical therapists. At a time when entry-level PT programs are producing graduates with good baseline skills in primary care, diagnostic screening, and evidence-based decision-making, they identified a need for specialty training in the field of wound management and mentored development of specialized clinical practice.

Similar to the American Physical Therapy Association, we agree that the development of post-professional residencies and fellowships is a means to provide mentored clinical practice and skill development in a specialized area of practice. This residency prepares the graduates with advanced knowledge and skills in managing patients with wounded skin and integumentary conditions. In addition, the program is built on the belief that mentoring the next generation of physical therapists through a year of specialized clinical skill development will benefit the profession, but more importantly, the people our profession serves.


The three primary faculty responsible for the clinical and didactic oversight of this wound management residency have a collective 50+ years of clinical experience. Using this experience and the knowledge of the challenges and obstacles presently for physical therapists in the wound management practice setting, the faculty has designed a comprehensive program to provide the resident with all the tools needed for success.



Where does training take place?

The program has the goal of incorporating patient care experiences throughout the continuum of care available in this large hospital and teaching institution. We also include outside learning for the resident through didactic and clinical experiences. The entry-level DPT program at LSU Health Shreveport has enjoyed a long-standing positive relationship with many departments in the hospital including Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. This relationship serves the residency program in the residents’ acquisition of experiences unique to an academic setting; conferences, rounds, clinics and surgical observation at a Level I Trauma Center. In addition, the residency is housed within our Physical Therapy program, so the residents have the same access and privileges as a faculty member within the DPT program.


Patient Testimonial


"I got in a bad accident and got my hand caught in a piece of farm equipment. I went to Alexandria and they didn't have the facility to treat my injury. Ochsner LSU Health was able to begin my treatment in Shreveport. I stayed on with LSU Health Shreveport after. We drive the extra hour and a half to come to Shreveport to get my wound vac changed here. They go above and beyond. You can't ask for better service. I don't know any place that would be any better. I'm sure glad I ended up here." - Jeffery Lacombe


Our Mission

Prepare physical therapists with the requisite knowledge and skills to provide advanced clinical management for patients/clients with integumentary conditions and all other advanced skills pertaining to wound management. In the profession’s quest to achieve Vision 2020, this residency program will provide the physical therapist the tools for autonomous practice as defined by the American Physical Therapy Association. 


Wound Management Residency Outcomes

Graduation Rate: 100% 
Pass Rate: 100% pass rate for the American Board of Wound Management Certified Wound Specialist ® (CWS ®) exam



  1. Uphold the mission of LSU Health Shreveport by providing an increased number of clinicians with an advanced level of clinical training and education in the area of wound management physical therapy.
  2. Prepare the resident for successful completion of the Certified Wound Specialist wound management board examination.
  3. The program will value and emulate independent self-determined professional judgment within our scope of practice consistent with the profession’s codes and standards and the patient/client’s best interest.
  4. Prepare the resident to use evidence and outcome measures to promote expert practice, efficacy, and cost effectiveness of physical therapy interventions. 
  5. The program will prepare the resident with enhanced knowledge and skills to direct professional and support staff.
  6. The program will advance the residents’ proficiency in the application of best business models which are consistent with patient-centered care.


Preparing physical therapists with the requisite knowledge and skills to provide advanced clinical management for patients / clients with integumentary conditions and all other advanced skills pertaining to wound management. 



The program will provide the opportunity for the resident to become an APTA credentialed CI. 

  1. The program will provide a focused curriculum based on the foundational validated Practice Analysis for Wound Management.
  2. The program will provide opportunities for the resident to teach in the didactic portion of a professional DPT program.
  3. The program will incorporate clinical supervision and teaching of entry-level PT students.
  4. The program will prepare the resident in the management of clinical personnel and operations.
  5. Program faculty will emphasize practice according to current state laws and payment policies, with enhanced efficiencies of practice.
  6. The program will prepare the resident to participate in advocacy and seminar presentations.
  7. The program will prepare the resident to excel in evidence-based wound management patient care in multiple practice settings.
  8. The program will be individualized to each resident based on their entry skills and their self-assessment through use of the APTA section on Electrophysiology and Wound Management Content in Professional Physical Therapist Education.



Sarah Murnane, PT, DPT, CWS
Wound Management Residency Director

Allied Health Rehabilitation Clinic
(318) 813-2970


The LSUHS Wound Management Residency Program is accredited by the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education as a postprofessional residency program for physical therapists in wound management.