The LSUHS School of Allied Health Rehabilitation Clinic serves as a community resource for specialized rehabilitation and advanced training of new physical therapy professionals. The Program in Physical Therapy established the Orthopaedic and Private Practice Residency in 2007 and a Wound Residency in 2010. The Program began looking at other specialty areas to expand its offerings and the Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency was created to accept its first practitioner in 2015.

The Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency was formed to address the area’s need for specialized neurorehabilitation practitioners who utilize the latest clinical research in their practice for the benefit of their patients.

The presence of Ochsner Health System has enhanced residents’ preparation in treating patients at all levels of care from pre-op to post-op. As a Level 1 Trauma Center, the medical center serves many patients with severe neurologic injury. The area lacks a specialized neurologic rehabilitation facility, however, and many patients who reside in Shreveport choose the Allied Health Rehabilitation Clinic for their outpatient therapy upon returning home from inpatient programs.


Our Mission

To provide clinicians with diverse learning opportunities including specialized clinical practice, evidence-based and personalized didactic curriculum, professional teaching experience, and expert mentoring to prepare for careers as advanced practitioners, educators, and leaders in the field of neurologic physical therapy.


Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency Outcomes

Completion rate: 80% (due to withdrawal for personal reasons)

Graduation rate:  100% graduate (of participants who complete the residency year)

Retention rate:  100% graduate 

Pass rate: 100% for American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties Neurologic Specialist Certification Exam

This program has really challenged me in understanding neuro-rehab
and neurological conditions at an expert level.
Summer Abdallah, Resident



Includes mentored clinical practice, observation in specialty clinics, mentored development of teaching skills, continuing education, guided self-study, and didactic courses.



Residency & Fellowship Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service





  1. The program will provide residents with opportunities through direct patient care, observation, and/or didactics, to acquire advanced skills as outlined in the neurologic Description of Residency Practice (DRP).

  2. The program will maintain a curriculum that is reflective of the neurologic DRP, personalized to the resident, and evidence based.

  3. The program will produce clinicians that are prepared to serve as specialists in the field of neurologic physical therapy.

  4. The program will prepare residents to act as educators in the field of neurologic physical therapy.

  5. The program will produce graduates who demonstrate continued professional growth and contribution to the field of neurologic physical therapy.

  6. The program will remain sustainable by maintaining necessary resources, support, and accreditation, as well as demonstrate consistent improvement.



  1. KNOWLEDGE: Residents demonstrate knowledge reflective of specialist practice in neurologic physical therapy.

  2. SKILLS: Residents demonstrate skills reflective of specialist practice in neurologic physical therapy.

  3. BEHAVIORS: Residents demonstrate professionalism and compassionate care.

  4. TEACHING: Demonstrate advanced skills as an educator of neurologic physical therapy to effectively educate patients/clients, caregivers, students, and colleagues.

  5. THINKING: Residents demonstrate advanced skills in clinical decision making and evidence-based practice.

  6. GROWTH: Residents demonstrate self-assessment, continued growth, and contribution to the field of neurologic physical therapy.



Lauren Rachal Sant, PT, DPT, NCS
Neurologic Residency Director
(318) 813-2937

Allied Health Rehabilitation Clinic
(318) 813-2970



The LSUHS Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency Program is accredited by the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education as a postprofessional residency program for physical therapists in neurology. 

ABPTRFE Accredited Program