woman making a presentation
  • Double the number of residents in our programs in the next year.
  • Add one or two specialty areas to our residency offerings within the next 3 years.
  • In collaboration with the School of Medicine, add inter-professional educational opportunities across entry-level academic programs highlighting patient-centered, team-based care related to conditions requiring rehabilitation.


two women speaking to people seated behind a table
  • Provide clinical learning and mentoring opportunities for patient-centered, multi-disciplinary teams through residencies and internships across the campus.
  • Provide community awareness activities related to wellness and prevention (health fairs for underserved/under-resourced populations in partnership with MLK and David Raines Community Centers, fall prevention, aging well, driving simulation, back pain and opioid exposure, exercise for cancer survivors).
  • Expand clinical services through consultative and co-located rehabilitation professionals across the OLHS-NL system.


  • Provide a robust patient volume with a variety of rehabilitation needs for opportunities for collaborative translational research.
  • Collaborative research projects with additional departments / disciplines as our PhD students in Rehabilitation Sciences progress to their laboratory and dissertation work.
  • Increase faculty grant proposals through intra- and extra-mural grants.
  • Increase faculty scholarly products (presentations/publications) by 30% over 3 years.


Woman demonstrating finger-splinting on a girl
  • Initiate a pipeline program for URM students into the rehabilitation professions.
  • Add scholarship/tuition waivers for URM students to join our entry-level or PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences programs.